Wireless Internet Service Provider Nelspruit has arrived.

Wireless Internet Service Provider Nelspruit has arrived.

Wireless is the way forward

With more and more businesses starting to rely on the internet as a database source or even a source of income by manner of a website or E-commerce site, it has become a necessity for each of these company’s internet to run smoothly and sufficiently.

Wireless Internet Service Provider Nelspruit

Netbits Wireless Internet Service Provider Nelspruit can provide you with the exact service that you would require, be it for your home to run social media pages or gaming, business or corporate company.

Netbits has various wireless uncapped internet packages available such as:

  • Up to 1mbps – R 549 p/m
  • Up to 2 mbps – R 799 p/m
  • Up to 4mbps – R 1399 p/m
  • Up to 8mbps – R 1999 p/m

Uncapped Wireless Internet

Netbits delivers High Speed Wireless Internet for the Nelspruit Area. The beauty of Netbist Wireless Internet is that we do not rely on any Telkom lines which helps to remove all the frustration of having lines that are either stolen or broken. Netbits is completely independent.  Netbits is most definitely a great alternative to an ADSL Line. No frustrations, no offline moments, just the satisfaction of continuous internet services.  Your uncapped wireless internet will give you so much more roaming freedom and all programs online information will be up to date and immediately available.

Help your business to grow with the help of a Wireless Internet Service Provider Nelspruit, Netbits